About the City of Volga

Blue Water Tower - Copy

Volga is located on US Highway 14, just 5 minutes west of Brookings. 

Volga was founded by the Western Town Lot Company on December 27, 1879 by Col. Arthur Jacoby. It was originally named “Bandy Town” after the Bandy family who were early settlers there.  Volga was named, according to The Volga Tribune golden jubilee edition, August 22, 1929, for the Volga River in Russia by North Western railroad officials, either for the purpose of attracting Russian settlers to the new town or because the Missouri River, commonly called the “Big Muddy,” was the railroad company’s goal and Volga means “Great River.” Another explanation advanced by the newspaper is the same railroad official named it for the town and river of that name in eastern Iowa.

Today, Volga is a prospering community of 2,271+ people. Residential
neighborhoods continue to expand west with a variety of housing opportunities. Meadow Creek Golf Course, city parks, a city owned archery range, a dog park, a city pool, a city auditorium, and an established parks and recreation program provide recreation opportunities for the entire family. Brookings County Museum in Volga contains a myriad of items from the earliest days of settlement of this area and offers a unique look at life on the prairie in the 1800s. South Dakota Soybean Processors, Houdek Manufacturing, Sioux Valley Public School, along with many businesses along Highway 14 and Kasan Ave, have developed jobs and opportunities for the community as it has grown.

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