Building Permits

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Building Permits
When is a building permit needed?
A building permit is needed for the following types of projects:

  • New House
  • New Commercial or Industrial Building
  • New Additions
  • Finishing Basements
  • Remodels where Interior Walls or Structures are Significantly Modified
  • New Egress Windows or New Differently-Sized Windows (where walls are modified)
  • New Fencing
  • New Shingling/Roofing
  • New Siding
  • Detached or Attached Garages
  • Accessory Structures such as Garden Sheds
Not sure if your project needs a building permit? Call the City Administrator / Administrative Official at 605-627-9113 to discuss.
How do I know which zone the project I am planning is in?
You can review which zone you plan to build in by reviewing the Zoning Map by clicking here or the link below.

Official Zoning Map
How many inspections does my project require?
  • New home – 3 inspections
  • Multiple-Family Dwellings – 3 inspections (per building, not per unit)
  • Pole Buildings – 2 inspections
  • Adding Attached Garage – 2 inspections
  • Moving in a Pre-Built Home – 1 foundation inspection
  • Detached Garage – 1 inspection
  • Finishing Basement – 1 inspection
  • Decks – 1 inspection
  • Room Addition – 1 inspection
  • Shingling or Siding – 1 inspection
  • Fence – 1 inspection
When during the construction should the inspection(s) occur?
Projects requiring a single inspection should be inspected once completed. For those with three visits, inspections are needed for foundation, framing, and project completion. The inspector may need to stop multiple times per inspection phase depending on the project, but you will only be charged the original inspection fee. He may visit a project without the permit holder request.
What do I need know to build a fence on my property?
Building a fence requires a building permit. If the planned fence will be on or within 2 feet of a property line, a signature of approval from each neighboring property is needed. A template letter for each neighbor can be found here, otherwise a written statement approving the location, name of the property owner, address, and date is acceptable. A sketch map of where the fence will be located is needed with the building permit application. It is very important to call 811 to locate underground utilities prior to any work. Please avoid placing a fence in the way of accessing any public utility infrastructure.
Who conducts the building inspections?
Jere Hieb is the city's contracted Building Inspector. For all inquires on building code requirements and related questions, please contact Jere at 605-690-7315 or send us a message. Note that Jere is not a full-time employee and not located at City Hall during business hours.

License #13241
How much does an inspection cost?
Most inspections cost $75 per visit. The only exceptions are inspections on decks, fencing, siding, shingling and finishing a basement (when completed separately from the rest of the house) which cost $25. This cost is included with the cost of the building permit and paid when the applicant collects the building permit.
Are inspections required for commercial projects?
Inspections are required on certain commercial projects. Projects designed and having signed drawings from an architect or engineer do not require an inspection. Inspections are required for smaller commercial projects such as pole buildings and storage units as well as any project without engineered designs.
How do I apply?
Building permit applications may be obtained at City Hall or at by clicking the link below. Complete the permit application and turn in to City Administrator at City Hall or by emailing the city administrator at the email listed in the Building Permit Application packet. The City Administrator will review the application and contact you if more information is needed or when the permit is ready to be paid for and picked up at City Hall or through email if paying electronically.

Please allow 1-2 weeks of processing. While it is the goal of the City to process and approve building permits as fast as possible, some permits require some time to review. Staff may not always be available to process and approve the permit the same day or week if you plan to complete a project that week or weekend.

For more information n building permits, please contact City Hall at 605-627-9113 or send us a message.

Building Permit Application Packet