Volga Veterans Memorial

The Volga Veterans Memorial Committee has been developing plans for a Veterans Memorial in Volga, and we are looking forward to beginning construction on the project this year! Please consider supporting the Volga community and local veterans by making a financial contribution to this project! See the below link to the tile order form to reserve a place for yourself or your loved one to be honored on the memorial!

The purpose of this memorial is to provide a location for local veterans and their families with a long-lasting living memorial to honor those who have served our country in the military. The memorial will be located near the Volga City Park. This location is ideal due to the close proximity to the Brookings County Museum, the Volga City Park and Pool, and the location for the proposed Volga Activity Center. This memorial will also provide Volga residents and visitors a location to visit those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and it would be incorporated into local military ceremonies.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and we have several opportunities for your business to be recognized on the memorial as well. Donors who meet the following levels of giving will be recognized:

                                                   Level I              $500-$999
                                                   Level II            $1,000 - $2,499
                                                   Level III           $2,500+ 

Our committee currently has seven flag poles available for a donation of $1,000 on a first come, first served basis. A plaque with the donor’s name will be included on or near the pole. We also have one granite bench available for an approximate cost of $2,300. The donor will be able to work with the committee to choose the etched design and wording on the bench.


On behalf of the Volga community and the Volga Veterans Memorial Committee, we thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Trygstad at 605-695-7130.


Checks can be made payable to American Legion Post 114 and mailed to Veterans Memorial, PO BOX 384 Volga, SD 57071.


Click the below link to order a tile!


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