Municipal Services
A modern municipal underground system provides the City of Volga with electricity. Power is obtained from Western Area Power Administration and Heartland Consumer Power. Rates

Volga now offering options through Heartland for rebates for new EnergyStar appliance purchases. Residential and Commercial Customers can complete forms found on Heartlands website to get these rebates. Click here for the forms.

Water System
Volga has a community water system with five active wells treatment - with chlorination and fluoridation. Delivery capacity of the system is 1.2 million gallons per day with a current peak demand of 1 million gallons per day. Storage capacity is 250,000 gallons which serves 600 water connections. The water system is capable of serving a population of approximately 10,000. Rates
2013 City of Volga Annual Drinking Water Report

Solid Waste, Sewage, Wastewater
A recently updated wastewater system includes 4 aerated cells, three 7 acre lagoons and a 15 acre wetland. This system is capable of serving a population of approximately 10,000. Rates

Northwestern Power Supplies
Volga receives natural gas through Northwestern Public Service located in Brookings. Other sources of power, in addition to city electricity, include fuel oil and LP gas, both available locally. Rates

At Heartland, we are committed to seeing our customer communities grow and thrive and we are here to help stimulate development. We offer a progressive economic development program including grants, growth incentives and a revolving loan fund -- incentives our customers can promote to attract new businesses and encourage existing businesses expand. Our ultimate goal is to create economic stability and maintain a superior quality of life for our customers and their residents.

Cable Television
Mediacom has been serving the Volga community with quality cable television service since 2000. Currently, 56 channels of programming are available on the basic service, including the popular satellite delivered services and local off air broadcast stations. In addition, the three most popular premium services are also offered: HBO, Showtime and Disney Channel. There is no monthly charge for additional residential outlets. Off air antenna service is included, and installation charges are minimal.

B-Free Satellite, serving eastern South Dakota since 2004. We pride ourselves in providing the best service, entertainment, and products to our customers. Services include Dish, DIRECTV, Century Link, Sioux Valley WiMAX. Please visit our web site at or call us at 605-692-7171

Medical Services
The Volga Community Medical Clinic is staffed by a part-time doctor and a full-time certified physicians assistant. The clinic is conveniently located on Volga’s main street and is affiliated with Brookings Medical Clinic and Brookings Hospital ambulance services for emergency care. The Volga Volunteer Fire Department includes trained first responders available for immediate care on 911 emergency calls.

Dakota Sun
Dakota Sun was built in 1963 and continues its operation today. It is an Assisted Living Facility with a 25-bed capacity. There are nurses aides on duty around the clock, offering respite care, meals on wheels and day care. The facility is owned by Lionel and Fran Torgrude.

60 Plus Dining Volga residents that are over 60 can enjoy a delicious meal for only $2.25. Call Edna Jean Alfson at 627-9356



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